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COVID-19 COMEBACK 12-Point Plan

 The tri-factor solution - Testing, Training, and Tracking. 

Entry point testing, industry-specific vulnerability, mitigation practices, mass gathering job-specific skills training, contact tracing for symptomatic, and those with suspected or confirmed exposure to COVID-19.

Workplace Safety Course

Organizational Health and Safety Planning

Risk assessment and management

Emergency Action Plans

Event Staff Certification

First Responder Certification

Crisis Management

Recreation Amusement Attractions Pathway (RAAP)

RAAP Academy models the Career Technical Education standards offer an exploratory experience into the evolution of sports in today's society, careers in recreation, and management of events and sports.

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Minority Athletics Access Program (MAAP)

MAAP is the diversity and inclusion component of RAAP by introducing and creating opportunities to acquire leadership roles within the recreation and sports industry.

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 Vigilant School Solutions utilizes a Restorative Practices and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) format.   The model establishes processes to restore relationships, obtain skills for self-management, self-sufficiency, and become productive citizens in society. 

Staff and Student Courses

Emotional Intelligence

Self Leadership

Stress Management

Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Anger Management

Body Language

Time Management

Organizational Skills

Conflict Resolution

Work/School/Life Balance

Protect the Kids

Protect the Kids Campaign is a community sports safety awareness program that engages coaches, parents, and athletes through workshops, public service announcements, and interactive activities. 

Topics includes but not limited to overuse injuries, concussion, sudden cardiac arrest, heat exertion and emergency action plans.

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