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Transform fluid operational decisions and processes to sustainable best practice procedures in sports with these valuable assets

High School 

Questions are based upon best practices standard operating procedure best practices and 14 legal duties of coaches. (adapted from U.S. Sports leagues & NIAAA 504)



According to the URMIA, there are 23 risk areas for collegiate athletics. This is a preliminary survey of your athletic department's implementation of safety and security BEST PRACTICES in 9 operational areas.

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Civility in Sports 

"Call to Action"

 Calling all stakeholders in efforts to restore sportsmanship, character, and civility within the realm of athletic competition


Incivility and abuse in sports have impacted all levels of athletics.  The time is now to begin to change the narrative as it relates to civility in sports with our parents, coaches, athletes, fans, and administration.  Join the movement!!

Workshops - Live, Virtually, Self-Paced

It’s More than Sportsmsnship -

Bigger than the Game!!


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Student-Athlete Marketing and Recruitment


A resume isn’t enough. A list of game stats and class grades isn’t enough. You need to tell stories about what makes you unique. You need Spikeview.


Spikeview is a customized graph that reflects your hobbies, accomplishments, badges, trips, and anything else you’re doing on and off the field. It’s how the world will see you.


Catalog your experiences, tell visual stories, and stand out from the crowd.

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The AD Playbook


"Policies to Practice" deep dive into the implementation of risk management best practices of athletic events, organizations, and departments.

Links to sample outlines, forms, and workbook.

Minority Athletics Access Program

MAAP is designed to introduce minorities to the sports industry and create pathways to opportunities.

The self-paced personal development process for novice or experienced professionals in the sports industry. Access the Advance Academy webinar lessons with Monique AJ Smith and guest experts to activate your next network and next level

Workplace Health & Safety Planning


Empower your event staff and athletes to be adequately prepared to execute emergency actions plan for medical and non-medical emergencies.


Build organizational capacity through a nationally recognized event staff certification, imbedded with industry-specific COVID-19 response guidelines best practices, emergency response training, and contact tracing

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